Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight

Bard's Tale 2 Hints and Walkthroughs

The Sage...

The Sage lives alone in the wilderness and is a treasure trove of useful information. You should return to see the Sage after completing every dungeon, for he provides the clues that will guide you in each step of finding the fragments of the Destiny Wand and defeating Lagoth Zanta. But you'll find that the Sage's knowledge isn't given freely. In fact, it's not even cheap. To begin your first adventure, ask the Sage about The Tombs...

Tips and Guides

  • The Dream Journal
    (official BT2 clue book)

    The Dreamquest is the story of Aaron, a young lad who under the guidance of his Master, observed what he called a "vision question" - a trans-like experience he provides for paying customers, in this case a new party of 6 adventurers - silently and covertly. In doing so, Aaron created a journal of the events. This adventure, chosen by the party, was the rescue and re-forging of the Destiny Wand. The dream journal is Aaron's account of the experiences of this party, and bound and kept his Master, provided to any other adventurers who dare to attempt the same quest.
  • Tips from the Adventurer's Guild
    (from the official BT2 manual by Interplay Productions)


The Brockter Trick

Run into Brockters in Oscon's Fortress, preferably around 5 or so. Make sure you cast DIIL unless your guys are strong enough to disbelieve the creatures they summon anyways. Anyways, keep defending with everyone for a lot of turns and they keep casting creatures that you disbelieve, do this for long enough and you get tons of experience. I did this once and got around 614,500 experience points from 5 Brockters.
~Ken Croes