Bard's Tale Novels

Shortly after the release of the Bard's Tale trilogy, a few writers collaborated and created a spin-off set of novels inspired by the games. Released over the course of 6 years from 1992 through 1998, the Bard's Tale novels are still available in various places, but Amazon may be the easiest place to locate copies.

These are the books in the set:

Castle of Deception
(The Bard's Tale, Book 1)

July 1992 - ISBN: 0671721259
By: Mercedes Lackey, Joseph Sherman, Larry Elmore

Fortress of Frost and Fire
(The Bard's Tale, Book 2)

March 1993 - ISBN: 0671721623
By: Mercedes Lackey, Ru Emerson, Larry Elmore

Prison of Souls
(The Bard's Tale, Book 3)

October 1993 - ISBN: 0671721933
By: Mercedes Lackey, Mark Shepherd, Larry Elmore

The Chaos Gate
(The Bard's Tale, Book 4)

April 1994 - ISBN: 0671875973
By: Josepha Sherman, Larry Elmore

Thunder of the Captains
(A Bard's Tale)

June 1996 - ISBN: 0671877313
By: Holly Lisle, Aaron Allston, Ken Tunell

Wrath of the Princes
(A Bard's Tale)

February 1997 - ISBN: 0671877712
By: Holly Lisle, Aaron Allston, Ken Tunell

Escape from Roksamur
(A Bard's Tale)

August 1997 - ISBN: 0671877976
By: Mark Shepherd, Darrell K Sweet

Curse of the Black Heron
(A Novel of the Bard's Tale)

February 1998 - ISBN: 0671878689
By: Holly Lisle, Tom Kidd