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"Bedder's Bank for the Bold..."

Bedder's Bank for the Bold was founded as a business amongst the six cities of the plains for its citizens to safely keep their life's investments.

Owned and run by Bedder1, an old half-elf who reportedly sold his mother to a band of lonely orcs in order to finance his first branch -- will deposit your gold for safekeeping at any of his bank's branches throughout the Realm.

Bedder has set up banks in each of the cities of the plains:
Colosse, Corinth, Ephesus, Philippi, Tangramayne, and Thessalonica

Although stingy old Bedder doesn't pay interest on your deposits, his bank is never robbed and you can withdraw your gold at any time, at any branch. When you withdraw your gold, you must withdraw the entire amount. You can, however, make partial deposits.

Another nice feature of Bedder's Bank is that the gold you deposited will still be there if you quit and restart the game (even if you're using a new set of characters).

During the destruction of Skara Brae by Tarjan, the banks and other businesses like Roscoe's Energy Emporium, Garth's Equipment Shoppe, and the casinos, were put out of business2, and remain closed to date. Unfortunately there were no alternatives.


  1. According to the Bard's Tale 2 game manual page 14
  2. According to the Bard's Tale 3 game manual section 9.4

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Map texts and clues

Position: (5,15)
Content: Bedder's Bank
Greetings, honored ones. Welcome to Bedder's Bank for the Bold.
Position: (6,11)
Content: Bedder's Bank
Greetings, honored ones. Welcome to Bedder's Bank for the Bold.

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