Bard's Tale III: The Thief of Fate

Full BT3 Game Downloads

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Game Manuals

For Bard's Tale IV backers, the manuals for Bard's Tale 1-3 are available via the backer portal.

Alternatively, you can download the Thief of Fate manual alone in PDF form, or as plaintext.

Official Software Releases

The Bard's Tale Trilogy: Remastered is available for purchase through Steam and GOG, as of August 14, 2018. And was provided as a tier reward to backers of Bard's Tale IV.
[Instructions for obtaining a download key]

The trilogy was launched initially with the first Bard's Tale installment; the 2nd and 3rd games are to follow in fall and winter 2018, along with Legacy mode.
Available for purchase and download here:
In 2004 inXile Entertainment released a spinoff game called The Bard's Tale, A Quest for Coin and Cleavage.
Included in the game are playable emulated versions of the original Bard's Tale 1, 2, and 3.
You can buy/download The Bard's Tale on available platforms/devices, and gain access to all three classic games:
Free for backers of the Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter campaign, inXile has re-packaged and re-released the MSDOS versions of Bard's Tale 1-3 in a single downloadable bundle, which has been made available via the Backer's Portal site.
Here are download instructions

Original platform versions

DOS (PC/Tandy)

Year released: 1988
Confirmed setup: Win7 & v0.74
Emulator: DOSBox latest version
Download character files ("Interplayers" party) below
Additional downloads:
This patch fixes a host of known bugs and annoyances with the DOS version of BT3.
See this doc for a complete list, and follow discussion for updates. (Author: Chris Aubuchon)
This official crack from Interplay eliminates the need for the code wheel (replicated online here) in the DOS version of the game.


Year released: 1991
Confirmed setup: Win7 & v3.1.0
Emulator: WinUAE latest version
Requires: Kickstart 1.3 ROMs [5.1MB]
Setting: Amiga 500 + Any 1.3 ROM
Character disk includes "Interplayers" party

[ADF disk images .zipped]

Size: 0.9MB

Apple II

Year released: 1988
Confirmed setup: Win7 & v3.7.1019
Emulator: ActiveGS
Character disk contains no characters

[DSK disks 1-4 .zipped]

Size: 424KB

Play in-browser @


Commodore 64

Year released: 1988
Confirmed setup: Win7 & v3.9.1
Emulator: CCS64 latest version
Character disk includes "Interplayers" party

[D64 disks 1-4 .zipped]

Size: 436KB
Additional downloads: