Bard's Tale 3 Music

Music in the original Bard's Tale was composed by Lawrence Holland, and adapted for multiple operating systems and hardware. These songs, after hours, days, weeks of endless barding through the streets and dungeons of Skara Brae, have been drilled into our heads, never to be forgotten.

Below are various recordings, covers, and recreations of the original themes, and musical pieces inspired by Bard's Tale. Enjoy!

(audio recordings made with the help of Goldwave)


Game Music

MIDI format:
1. Sir Robin's Tune (2060b)
2. Safety Song(2029b)
3. Sanctuary Score(2943b)
7. Kiel's Overture(2419b)
Thanks to Lina for adapting the originals into MIDI

Commodore 64

Game Music

Raw SID format:
(Play with Sidplay2)
Full set of 9 songs (2369b)
Adapted MP3 format:
3. Sanctuary Score (83.9KB)

Fan-made music

Truth or AAAAA!
Our Version of the C64 Version of the Bard's Tale III Version of "Sir Robin's Tune"